Dog Skin Cancer Drug

The Dog skin cancer is one of the common skin ailments occurring among dogs. Most middle aged dogs suffer from this form of skin disease. One of the main reasons behind the increasing incidence of skin cancer among dogs is said to be too much exposure to the sun rays. The mast cells consist about 20% of the canine cancerous cells. They appear in various forms and sizes in solitary lumps under or above the skin surface. Earlier surgery was considered to be the only resort for skin cancer treatment. Now a new dog skin cancer drug has been invented which has also been approved by the FDA.

The new drug is known as Palladia. The name has been derived from the mythological goddess called Pallas, the protector. The dog skin cancer drug has been manufactured by the Pfizer Animal Health Inc. The medicine is found to be working effectively by cutting the blood flow to the mast cells and hence stopping them from spreading further. The medicine also restricts the incidence of metastasis in the lymph system. The drug works without involving the lymph nodes.

How Palladia Works

The mast cells are usually categorized as grade 2 or grade 3 tumors that are very difficult to treat and spread quite rapidly. The dog skin cancer drug approved by the FDA contains a component called toceranib phosphate. The drug follows two ways to treat the cancerous cells. It tries to kill the tumor cells and the other is by cutting off the blood supply to the mast cells as already mentioned.

The drug can also be taken as a supportive medicine during cancer treatment. It can be taken in during the surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and such.


Though the drug is approved by the FDA but while administering the drug you should take precaution for health safety reasons. The drug should not be handled by children and ladies who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. As a pet owner you are advised to keep the medicine at some safe place. After handling with the tablets you should wash your hand properly. You may also use gloves in case you have to break the tablets. Make sure that you give the tablets to your dog immediately after they are taken out from the packet. You must also keep a close watch on whether the pet has engulfed the entire tablet or not, in case you have mixed it with its food.

Prostate Cancer Drugs Or Alternative Treatments – Which Is Better?

Sometimes men who are curious about whether prostate cancer drugs or alternative methods work best will consult the Internet. Or their doctor. Or a surgeon. Or any number of resources.

But, the hard reality of the matter is this:

Whether prostate cancer drugs or alternative treatment is “best” completely depends.

There have been cases where drugs have absolutely helped with the condition. And, there are also cases (although not always easy to find, nobody exactly writes peer reviewed papers on the subject) where the alternative methods — like nutrition and lifestyle changes — have helped with the condition.

Ultimately, it all comes down to you.

You have to look at the facts.

For example:

The mainstream medical community will likely insist that prostate surgery or powerful drugs are the only way to deal with it. And using those “alternative” methods will not work, are not proven to work and are basically like committing suicide.

On the other hand, the alternative health people will say the opposite.

They will likely tell you the drugs and surgery are unnecessary.

And will then show you examples of people who treated their condition naturally, with herbs, pills and other types of similar treatments.

Who is right?

Who is wrong?

And, how can you tell what is best for you?

I cannot answer that for you.

Nobody can.

What you can do is get input and advice from as many experts as possible, question them, make them back up their claims and prove their case.

Then, you make the choice from there.

Just something to think about if you are wondering if prostate drugs or alternative therapies are best.

Prostate Cancer Drugs: Miracles Or Just Hype?

If you study various prostate cancer drugs long enough, you’ll eventually come across one that will get you a excited, but that will be demonized by others.

Here’s what I mean:

On the one hand, you have various experts singing the many prostate cancer drugs’ praises.

But on the other hand, you have others saying many are actually dangerous — that they not only can give you many of the same symptoms as certain serious prostate problems (like the chills, fever, back pain, headache, etc) but there’s too much room for error and, in some cases, they could attack your healthy cells, too.

Personally, I don’t have much of an opinion either way.

Thank God I have not had prostate cancer and hope never to get it.

Which is the point I want to bring in this article:

Whether or not prostate drugs, or saw palmetto or any other drug or medication or herb really works… the best cure is always prevention.

What are you doing to prevent prostate cancer?

Are you getting adequate amounts of zinc, lycopene, vitamin D and other nutrients that are known to be good for preventing the disease?

Or are you eating and living a lifestyle that makes you prone to getting sick?

A lot of this comes down to personal responsibility.

Too many people are hoping for a magic vaccine or surgery to save them.

But the reality is, whether it’s prostate cancer drugs, surgery or something natural… nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to your health.